Author: Stella Deetjen

The end of the water shortage: 11 new taps for Bhaduwar

A fateful minute and a half for the small Nepalese mountain village in Nuwakot – Bhaduwar was almost wiped out during the 2015 earthquake. Its 538 residents had to watch helplessly as their houses, cattle sheds and the village school became part of a desert of rubble. The water supply to the village was also destroyed at that time. From then on, people had to walk to the river for an hour to get water. Without water, there is a risk of migrationBut the village has no future without water. When cattle breeding or agriculture is not possible on their land due to a lack of water, the villagers...

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Well construction

For the health of children – clean drinking water instead of river water In Chitwan in the south of Nepal, Back to Life has been promoting girls from ethnic minorities so that they can attend school since 2010. Our on-site team noticed that many schoolgirls in the village of Piple are repeatedly late for class. Despite regular health programs, the children were often unwashed and wearing dirty clothes. In addition, an above-average number of students developed diarrhea, especially during the monsoon months, the absenteeism rate increased. We followed up and found that the villagers...

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From woman to woman: our midwives help directly

Behind these figures there is a lot of help: 15 birth centres, 47 employees, 30 of them midwives, 15 assistants and 2 health officers. All of these women are from Mugu and they are all there for women, children and families in Mugu. Because they run the birthing centers, hold workshops on health care and hygiene, look after pregnant women, giving birth, newborns and women in difficult situations together with their families. Here we let them have their own say. N irmala is our chief midwife and is stationed in the Gamtha birth center MIDWIFE AND ASSISTANCE IN MANY SITUATIONS OF LIFE | “It...

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Proper hand washing needs to be practiced – Global Handwashing Day

“Global Handwashing Day” has been celebrated in schools around the world since 2008 to make children aware of the immense importance of daily hygiene. Because only when you wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds are bacteria effectively combated. This significantly reduces the risk of fatal diarrheal diseases, and early childhood development is less disturbed. Stella attended the school in Thakaltar in Chitwan and, together with our team, showed the children how to wash their hands properly. The students had a lot of fun and were happy to demonstrate what...

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Better now than never – adult literacy

“ because I always felt as if I were blind. “ When we expanded our project radius in Mugu to the communities Seri, Kalai and Rara and their neighboring villages from 2011 onwards, we found that most adults – as in many parts of Mugu – were illiterate. 1202 people over 15 years lived in the mentioned villages and their surroundings. 918 of them could neither read nor write. In an area where most of the school-age children did not attend school, our main focus was initially on being able to offer a larger number of children a regular school education. To this end, we...

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