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From woman to woman: our midwives help directly

Behind these figures there is a lot of help: 15 birth centres, 47 employees, 30 of them midwives, 15 assistants and 2 health officers. All of these women are from Mugu and they are all there for women, children and families in Mugu. Because they run the birthing centers, hold workshops on health care and hygiene, look after pregnant women, giving birth, newborns and women in difficult situations together with their families. Here we let them have their own say.

N irmala is our chief midwife and is stationed in the Gamtha birth center

MIDWIFE AND ASSISTANCE IN MANY SITUATIONS OF LIFE | “It is important that the birth takes place in a safer place in knowledgeable hands. In my professional life I have seen almost no complications and infections for normal births for mother and child. We offer prenatal care in the birthing center, we speak from woman to woman. Women open up to us. But the issues continue. They are also not afraid to talk about various forms of harassment and abuse they face at home. If they don’t dare to say something, but we have evidence of abuse, we motivate them to share their pain with us. “

WOMEN ARE SOMETIMES SUBJECT TO ABUSE – WE THEN INTERVEN | “The insults, mistreatment and harassment are of different kinds: Sometimes women are forced to do heavy work in the fields from morning to night during pregnancy. Sometimes things like gynecological issues, little time for rest, no healthy food during pregnancy, preference for the male child in the family. But the compulsion to have sex and fear during pregnancy also play an important role. When we know their exact problems, we visit their families. We build a good relationship and advise you. It works!”

OUR BIRTHHOUSES: A SAFE, HOME PLACE | “In our birthing centers we offer the women a home environment, at the same time our birthing centers are well equipped with instruments, laboratory beds, baby warmers, dopplers and so on. We have a kitchen and a room for overnight guests, our assistant cooks the food and serves hot and fresh dishes to the pregnant women who have been admitted. You can stay in the birthing center after the birth until you feel fit to go home. You take a bath and sit in the warm sun in the garden. It’s something like a second home. “

in the
Maternity Center Jima says:

WE HAD TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE OF THE CONCEPT FIRST | “At the beginning, the expectant mothers did not want to visit our birth centers for various social and cultural reasons. We made house calls, but we did not find the pregnant women there. Because they were in the fields and worked non-stop. They didn’t have time to listen to us. We explained to the women that prenatal care is also very important. It was not an easy task, they were very ignorant of many things, from monthly hygiene to family planning. “

WE GET EXPERT HELP WHEN WE NEED IT | “We were initially concerned because here in the seclusion we have no doctors close by if there are complications. If we had lost the trust of the villagers, our project would have been a failure. That is why we are very careful – in everything we do. We phone doctors at the district hospital when we need their help; if we cannot handle the case, we will refer the woman to the only hospital in Mugu. “

Binita Rawat works as a midwife in the Rowa birth center:

CONVINCING WORK THAT BECOMES FRUIT | “Since I’ve been working here, I’ve seen big changes in women. You have become more self-confident thanks to our counseling and education programs. You know about the possibility of contraception. Young women can finally plan consciously how big their family should be. This is an important strengthening of women’s rights. I am proud to be part of this project. ” The other midwives and employees see it the same way. And we are proud that with every birthplace we are giving even more children a good start in life and that we can support many women and their families.

We promote the training of young women from Mugu as midwives so that they can then work in our birth centers.

Our midwives make an important contribution to women’s rights

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