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In conversation with midwife Janaki Karki

1. Can you tell us about the current situation in Gamgadhi? How are people reacting to the pandemic? | The people of Gamgadhi are very concerned. The local government has put in place a curfew to protect society. People’s freedom of movement between the villages is severely restricted and most of the residents stay at home. The markets only open at certain times to offer the most important groceries for sale. Social distancing, hand washing and other hygiene measures are strictly followed. People use masks when they are outside.

2. What fears do you have about the pandemic? | The awareness in society and the hygienic behavior of the people make me hope that we do not experience anything dangerous. But we never know what will happen. One mistake can cause a big problem. Given the developments in Europe and the United States, I fear that if things get worse, we will not be able to control the situation. We will also have to deal with the usual illnesses of the summer season and it will be a particular challenge to distinguish those suffering from COVID-19 from others without a test.

3. How well do you think Nepalese society is coping with the problem? | I feel like people are scared of the pandemic. They follow the security measures ordered by the government. They wash their hands, cleanse their surroundings, use a mask outdoors, and keep social distance. Back to Life’s awareness program for the coronavirus is having a great impact on the population. People take the problem seriously.

4. How do you assess the current situation in Nepal? | I fear that the lack of equipment in the health centers can be a major problem if the situation worsens. Mugu doesn’t have many ambulances and much-needed health equipment to tackle the pandemic. We don’t even have testing facilities in the district. Too few cases are currently diagnosed across the country.

5. How do you prepare yourself and your surroundings? | I am worried, but I know that as a health worker, I have to be strong. I pay attention to hygiene at home and in the birthing center. I use a mask when interacting with people. I encourage my family to follow the precautionary measures and also pass on everything I know about the pandemic to the community.

6. How do you see the coming weeks and months? | I wish we didn’t get any more cases in the country. The news from Europe worries me about the future. I can only appeal to follow the hygiene measures and to keep social distance. We need great patience and awareness within us.

“I’m worried, but I know I have to be strong as a health worker.”

Janaki Karki is a midwife nurse in our birth center in Loharbada, Mugu. We asked you about the corona crisis and your personal assessment.

“I can only appeal to follow the hygiene measures and to keep social distance.”

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