Open your eyes – for the children of Nepal with a mobile eye clinic through the mountains

As part of the health care for the schoolchildren, Back to Life also has the boys and girls examined by an ophthalmologist. With a kind of outpatient, mobile eye clinic, our team travels or walks with the doctor in the remote areas from school to school.

There the pupils are examined for their eyesight. The teachers of the respective schools support the campaign. The doctor usually stays for one day per school.

Up to the rescue of the eyesight
Corneal and lens opacity, strabismus, nearsightedness and farsightedness, conjunctivitis and eyelid inflammation as well as tear duct obstruction are the most common ailments. Insofar as direct or drug treatment is possible on site, this will be implemented. If not, our team will accompany the little patient to an eye clinic. Often it is about saving eyesight. Back to Life covers the medical costs of the necessary operations.

New perspective – great pleasure

But what is most needed is glasses. All children take an eye test. There is a lot of giggles and laughter when they put on the test glasses. Our team keeps a list with the measurements and prescriptions so that the glasses can be made for the children. Her parents could never afford that.

District MP, Mr. Janak Rawal, assessed one of the health camps: “This initiative is very helpful for poor children who cannot afford expensive treatments and medicine. That is very commendable! “

The 14-year-old Khum says: “I could hardly see anything on the blackboard. During the examination, I was given glasses to test for the first time. Suddenly I saw everything very clearly and sharply! I am looking forward to getting my own glasses soon … “

The teachers also confirm that the performance of some children has improved thanks to the visual aids.

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