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Reading time

Education is one of our central development topics and the basis for a self-determined life. That is why we promote literacy in our project areas beyond the normal curriculum.

We have now set up 30 libraries in 30 schools: 5 in Chitwan, 6 in Nuwakot, 19 in Mugu. More than 3,500 children have access to books every year. We were also able to equip a community library for the adults in the village of Loharbada in Mugu. We have provided more than 7,000 books in total.

We have founded reading clubs in our project schools so that students can deepen their reading skills after class. After the official lesson time, the children are looked after and guided by teachers for two hours. With tea and small snacks, the participating girls and boys can freely choose books and read them individually or in small groups. By playing with the reading material, the reading clubs encourage children to enjoy books and reading.

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