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Mangal Rokaya reinvents itself

A self-determined life despite polio thanks to income generation THIS IS MANGAL’S STORY | Mangal was born healthy. He started walking when he was 12 months old. Today Mangal is 26 years old, he comes from a family that works as a day laborer in agriculture high up in the Mugu mountains. SUDDENLY EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT | His mother reports that as a toddler he suddenly had a fever, then was weak and often cried. Weeks passed before the parents realized that he could no longer stand. They did not know about the disease “polio”, until Mangal was about 5 years old that someone...

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In conversation with Rup from Mugu

Educated – Agricultural Experts for Mugu Our measures for agricultural development in Mugu, with which we want to give the residents the opportunity to sustainably improve their income situation. One of the long-term measures is to give young Mugu men an agricultural education. After completing their training, these young agricultural experts return to their villages and share their knowledge with the locals in order to achieve the greatest possible multiplier effects. Rup Bahadur is one of them and has completed the 15-month training as a “junior agricultural technician” at a state...

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The future on four legs

Goat breeding as a new source of income In our project villages in Chitwan, southern Nepal, the people would like to make a living from farming. They plant vegetables, fruits and cereals for their own needs, but the arable land is usually much too small and the yield is not enough to feed the family. Since most of the residents have no other income opportunities, they walk through the neighboring villages every day to offer their labor as day laborers on the surrounding construction sites or on the market. Often, however, they return home empty-handed as there is not a job for everyone. The...

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For people and nature

The people in rural Mugu are predominantly smallholders who practice extensive agriculture (low capital and labor input in relation to the area). The soils in Mugu are not very fertile, and the farmers’ harvests are not particularly productive. The people there are both producers and consumers of the crops they grow, but the harvests are usually not enough to adequately feed the families. FRUIT TREES AS FUTURE SOURCE OF INCOME I 2019 we asked the farmers in our project villages Jiuka, Hyanglu and Nakharji about their situation and how they can be helped to stand safely on their own two...

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A real growth industry: Nuwakot’s greenhouses

The harvest is ripe and the owners of the greenhouse, Kamal Tamang and his wife Khasmaya, can hardly believe their luck. The result is remarkable: the very first harvest yielded 80 kilos of tomatoes. Eight more harvests are possible until the early monsoon. After that, new seeds need to be sown. In the next 5 months Kamal can earn around 20,000 rupees (approx. 150 euros) with the tomatoes. A lot of extra money for the poor farm laborer. “We are now planning to plant cucumbers, pumpkins, cauliflowers and other vegetables …”, says Khasmaya and calculates that the family will...

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The chances grow with the plants

With vegetable gardens, Back to Life helps the families in our project villages simply and effectively to improve their income and at the same time improve their nutritional situation. As soon as the parents have noticeably more income available, they also allow their children to attend school, which is important. Our income generation measures therefore ultimately serve the well-being of the children. How it works | Back to Life provides the families with the material for the greenhouses. The cover is made of plastic sheeting. The families take care of the wooden beams for the scaffolding...

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