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Damit er nicht alleine bleibt

Wir helfen einem Zweieinhalbjährigen Wenn eine derartige Tragödie geschieht, erschüttert das ein ganzes Dorf wie ein Erdbeben. Doch am Schlimmsten hat es den zweieinhalbjährigen Milan getroffen. Er steht jetzt alleine da. Einigkeit Seine Eltern Putali und Dharmaraj waren einst ein glückliches Ehepaar. Sie lebten in den Bergen Mugus, im Dorf Loharbada, in dem wir 2012 unser erstes Geburtshaus eröffneten. Als einfache Lastenträger verdienten sie gerade soviel, um ein genügsames Leben zu führen. Als Putali schwanger wurde, freuten sich beide, bald eine richtige Familie zu sein. Im...

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Mangal Rokaya reinvents itself

A self-determined life despite polio thanks to income generation THIS IS MANGAL’S STORY | Mangal was born healthy. He started walking when he was 12 months old. Today Mangal is 26 years old, he comes from a family that works as a day laborer in agriculture high up in the Mugu mountains. SUDDENLY EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT | His mother reports that as a toddler he suddenly had a fever, then was weak and often cried. Weeks passed before the parents realized that he could no longer stand. They did not know about the disease “polio”, until Mangal was about 5 years old that someone...

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Sher Singh, on two legs into the future

The door of the small shop in Loharbada village opens. A child asks about sugar, Sher Singh stands up and goes to the shelf. This would not have been possible just a few years ago. Because Sher Singh only has one healthy leg. As a school child, the boy fell in the mountains, broke his leg and knee and, without proper medical help, lost the leg above the knee after a while. The prosthesis for the prosthesis When Stella Deetjen met Sher Singh in Loharbada in 2012, he was already wearing an extremely damaged prosthesis. He could only slide on both hands and one leg with it, the sight was heartbreaking....

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Fate decides

by Stella Deetjen “We actually had no hope that he would survive. He was as small as a mouse when he was born. And so thin. But the situation got really bad when his mother died on the 15th day after giving birth, ”reports Jhupri Rawal, the baby’s grandmother, to our team in Mugu. LIFE AND DEATH l Clearly he was born far too early, probably around the 7th month. Around the mountain village there is (still) no birthplace where the mother-to-be could have turned. Sapura gave birth to her child without help, but she did not die from it. The 22-year-old had been seriously ill for...

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Living with an umbilical hernia – Dinesh is saved

Grandfather pulled up Dinesh’s shirt and began to feel carefully. His fingers slowly slid over the little boy’s chest to the belly. When he finally discovered the neat seam of the successful operation and understood that his grandson was now able to lead a completely normal life, he began to cry with joy and relief. Dinesh vor der Behandlung setREVStartSize({c: 'rev_slider_6_1',rl:[1240,1024,778,480],el:[700,568,760,520],gw:[1000,1000,778,480],gh:[700,568,760,520],type:'hero',justify:'',layout:'fullwidth',mh:"0"});if...

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The long way to happiness

HAND IN HAND FOR A BETTER LIFE by Stella Deetjen 2019/2020 The screams of the desperate mother tore the silence of the freezing winter night in the Mugu mountains. In no time the neighbors ran together and gathered in front of the Karkis house. What was it that happened? The family’s recently born baby, a young boy and the pride of his parents, screamed with all his might until he suddenly fell silent. When the father stepped outside the door, trembling, the village learned of the tragic accident that had just occurred. Dangerous povertyThe families in Mugu have no heating, in the...

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Saruli – unconditional will to live

Her corona odyssey from India back to Nepal When the children dance and sing in school, 11-year-old Saruli from Mugu was there with great joy when she was not collecting wood or protecting her parents’ small field from the wild monkeys. Unfortunately, she was often more busy with her duties than she could find time for school – a classic problem for girls in the poor mountain regions of Nepal. In any case, dancing was great fun for Saruli. So she dressed up in her mother’s sari at home on a winter evening in December 2011 and danced. But Saruli came too close to the open...

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Children’s laughter echoes through the small room. Amma is heating a large pot filled to the brim with oil over an open fire. Her youngest daughter Khushi, still a toddler of one and a half years who only recently learned to walk, rages around her mother with her siblings. The flames of the open fireplace in the middle of the room cast only a weak light on the sooty walls. The house consists solely of this room, here the family cooks, eats, sits together and sleeps at night. Amma sifts the coarsely ground flour. The oil is finally boiling. The mother kneads the dough. It works quickly,...

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Hansa Devi – strong, courageous and undeterred

HOW DOES A YOUNG WOMAN BECOME AN IMPRESSIVE IMAGE? | You could start explaining at 5 a.m. Then when Hansa Devi gets up, puts water on and makes tea for “her” 24 children. When she wakes the children, instructs them to make the beds and sweep, and with some of them prepare breakfast for everyone. You could also start in class. When Hansa teaches and looks after the 24 deaf or severely hearing-impaired children in the school with the attached hostel using sign language she has learned herself. No matter when you start, Hansa is a remarkable young woman. A woman who herself had to overcome a difficult...

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