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Dhamili in Chitwan. A village that no longer surrenders to “fate”

… in conversation with Kamal Chepang, teacher in Chitwan Do you have to accept poverty as fate or even God-given? Is 90 Percent Illiteracy Acceptable? Unfortunately, when we shake our heads naturally, people in Nepal often think differently. But not in Dhamili, one of the villages in which we from Back to Life are active. Mr. Kamal Chepang is a teacher at the local school and answered a few questions at the end of 2019 that aptly reflect the current situation. What was the educational situation like 10 years ago and what has changed since then? ...

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In conversation with Harikrishna Upadhyaya, teacher in Mugu

Harikrishna Upadhyaya, Asst. Head Teacher, Lokpriya Secondary School, Gamtha Khatyad, Mugu People who are personally involved have a keen eye. Therefore, at the end of 2019, we interviewed Mr. Harikrishna Upadhyaya, who works as a teacher in Khatyad in the Mugu region and lives in the village himself. If you look back 10 years, what was the educational situation like in Khatyad? We are talking about a completely different state of affairs. Education was not a priority for the communities. The infrastructure was inadequate, there were few or no learning materials – so learning cannot...

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A look back and ahead. Loharbada in the Mugu Mountains.

When program director Dikendra Dhakal looks around Loharbada today, he can hardly believe it. “When we first arrived here 10 years ago, not only was the standard of living extremely low, but hygienic conditions were actually non-existent.” The people did their “business” on the doorstep, mushy animal excrement covered the paths, and it smelled like hell. Swarms of house flies sat everywhere: on the children’s faces, on the food. People rarely washed themselves or their clothes, and sewage was simply poured into the alley. The open cooking fire was smoking in and...

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In conversation with Sun Bahadur Moktan

Formerly away from the world. Today facing the future Sun Bahadur Moktan, who lives in Thakaltar in the Chitwan region and teaches there as a teacher. He has a close look at what has been going on in his village over the past 10 years and we are delighted that he has taken the time to summarize it for us. Become a model school Thanks to Back to Life, our simple school has become a model school for the region with two two-story school blocks. Our rooms are new, large, well equipped and the best conditions for child-friendly and stimulating learning. All around, playgrounds and school gardens...

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