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The 1500. Back to Life baby is here!

Born on the Nepalese Mother’s Day 2020 in our birthplace Nakharji. From our teammate.

A VERY SPECIAL BIRTH | The entire Back to Life team is particularly happy about this birth, and not just because of the round number. The happy mother Samrita Rokaya is one of our 26 midwives in Mugu! She has been stationed in the Jiuka Birthplace for a year. But since she comes from Nakharji herself, she gave birth to a son in the birth house under the care of her colleagues. It is their second child, their little daughter is already 20 months old.

FOR WOMEN | Samrita comes from a middle class family and grew up in the Mugu mountains. When she graduated from high school, she heard about the Back to Life birth centers in Mugu. She immediately had her goal clearly in mind: to become a midwife and finally to permanently improve the situation for the women in the remote mountain region. Because of a traditional fear of ghosts, women in the house are not allowed to bleed and have to give birth to their children in the filthy cattle shed or defenseless in the forest. “No woman should have to give birth like an animal anymore. Far too many mothers and babies die from poor hygiene and because they are on their own in the event of complications. Changing that is my main incentive, ”she explains.

GOAL IN FRONT OF EYES | The young woman completed her three-year training as a midwife and applied to Back to Life. After an internship in our Seri birth center, we financed her two-month course to become a “skilled birth attendant”.

IN THE RIGHT JOB | “I am so happy that my dream came true. Through Back to Life and the birth centers, I can be there for the women of Mugu and help them to have a dignified and safe birth. In addition to childbirth support, pre-care and aftercare, we run numerous important preventive health programs. We educate women about menstrual hygiene and use them to make self-sewn and reusable pads that cannot be bought in the mountains. Our work visibly strengthens women. I will always do my best to show my gratitude to Back to Life. “

To be blessed with the birth of a healthy son on Mother’s Day makes me very happy. He weighs 3,000 grams and the birth went without complications. If my husband agrees, I would like to call my son Siddhartha ”,

says the young mother beaming with joy.

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