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The future on four legs

Goat breeding as a new source of income

In our project villages in Chitwan, southern Nepal, the people would like to make a living from farming. They plant vegetables, fruits and cereals for their own needs, but the arable land is usually much too small and the yield is not enough to feed the family. Since most of the residents have no other income opportunities, they walk through the neighboring villages every day to offer their labor as day laborers on the surrounding construction sites or on the market. Often, however, they return home empty-handed as there is not a job for everyone. The families therefore literally live from hand to mouth.

In order to open up alternative sources of income for them, we have given pairs of goats in the area of Dhamili to the impoverished families for further breeding. The area is green and suitable for goats. Our on-site team trained the families in goat husbandry and breeding.

The families can now produce dairy products for their own use and thus improve their nutritional situation. If the breeding is successful, you can offer the offspring of the goats for sale on the markets. The bucks fetch between 5,000 and 8,000 rupees (40-70 euros) on the market, depending on their weight and age, the goats a little less.

Superfood ginger: saves space and generates profit

The households also received 20 kg of ginger bulbs each. Ginger can be grown quite easily in a small area and is available for sale in the surrounding markets at good prices. As a result, however, the purchase of the tubers for the first sowing is quite expensive and so far unaffordable for the village population. The ginger can be harvested once a year. A yield of up to five kilos is obtained from one kilo of sowing.

With the first generation of goats, which hopefully will multiply strongly in the next few years, as well as the cultivation and sale of ginger, the villagers are generating new sources of income. Back to Life made it easier for an entire village to take the first step towards generating an independent income and thus a better perspective in life.

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