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With us, teachers also go to school – further education

A teacher in Nepal is respected in the village but earns little. In the remote areas in particular, teachers are often not well trained, not only professionally, but also pedagogically. They also have no access to the latest teaching materials.

Back to Life carries out targeted training courses for teachers in Mugu, Chitwan and Nuwakot. We will introduce you to optimized teaching methods and show you various options for interesting and informative lesson design. Action plans are drawn up together, which you can implement directly in your own lessons. The preparation of descriptive teaching materials from inexpensive or even free materials was part of the training and was practiced directly.

In consultation with the state education authority, we not only train the teachers of the 34 schools that we support anyway, but also the same number of other state schools. School inspectors from the education authority are present at each of the further training courses.

In the time after the training, our employees visit the participating schools and get an idea of whether there are any changes, and if so, what. It is particularly important to us that there should be more frequent discussions with parents about the child’s progress. Only if the parents are convinced of the benefits of school education for their child can they finish school.

The headmaster of the Lok Priya School is very happy: “In addition to the furnishing of our classrooms and the kindergarten, we were very impressed by the educational training from Back to Life. Teaching appropriate for children is now not only more fun for the children, but also for the teachers.

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