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Back to Life has been active in Nepal since 2009. We are represented locally by the international non-governmental organization Back to Life Nepal. In close coordination with the local authorities, we implement targeted measures for and with the local population in the areas of health, education and environmental protection. By 2021 we have invested more than 8.3 million euros in project work in Nepal.

Donate for Nepal

Become a sponsor for one of our projects in Nepal or support our work with a one-time donation. Every amount can make a difference, big or small!

If you want to make a transfer yourself or create a standing order, you will find the necessary information under the donation form.

Our Projects in Nepal:

Birth Centers
By building and operating 15 birthing centers in the high western mountains of Nepal, we enable safe, professionally supervised births as well as regular pre- and post-natal care for mothers and newborns.
Education & Schools
We are doing everything we can to ensure that all children, particularly in disadvantaged, rural areas, have access to a school, that the quality of education increases and that children can attend school for as long as possible.
Income generation
We help families who previously had few opportunities to grow their own food to set up kitchen gardens, greenhouses or small-scale livestock farming. We support small farmers with training by agricultural experts to improve their yields and to market what they produce.
Drinking water
Back to Life works with village communities to build water systems so they can draw drinking water directly from standpipes in their village. Engineers look for optimal, sustainable water access for each village. The systems run without electric pumps and are easy to maintain so they work for the long term.
Health Care
Every year, Back to Life organizes health camps in the mountains of Mugu, where patients receive outpatient and specialist care and even surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis.
Environmental protection
Back to Life is committed to protecting Nepal’s unique natural environment. We work with village communities to install solar panels and smoke-free, energy-efficient stoves in their homes. Through community-based initiatives, children and youth are helped to engage with the environment, educate their families and friends, and properly dispose of and recycle waste.
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Please take notice of the following guidelines:

If you would like to transfer money yourself or set up a regular payment, please use the following donation accounts:

Account holder: Back to Life e.V.
IBAN: DE94 5008 0000 0729 9990 02
Bank: Commerzbank AG

Account holder: Back to Life e.V.
IBAN: DE96 4306 0967 1012 0030 00
Bank: GLS Bank

In this case you can easily conclude a sponsorship by sending an e-mail to

Of course, your sponsorship can be terminated immediately at any time.

For donations up to EUR 200, the tax office does not require a donation receipt. A bank statement is sufficient in this case.

Your donation goes up to the high mountains

Our focus is on the mountainous region of Mugu, which is difficult to access and has therefore long been neglected by aid organizations. Since the beginning, we have built 15 birth houses in which over 3,124 children have already been born safely. In this way, we make a significant contribution to reducing infant and maternal mortality. In addition, 8,000 children benefit from our educational measures such as school uniforms, further training for teachers, libraries and materials and last but not least that Construction of 134 earthquake-proof and child-friendly classrooms. Through Healthcamps we enable specialist medical treatment. We have already reached 31,400 people with these. The environment is also important to us and environmental protection is part of our holistic approach, because the health of nature and the health of people go hand in hand. 3,898 solar systems and 4,081 smoke-free stoves sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions of the people in the villages and they help to improve their health. The noxious smoke from open log fires is a thing of the past and the valuable time that had to be used for collecting wood can now be used for schoolwork, farming and hired work.

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