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Individual Fates

Our individual fates are stories written by life in our remote project areas in Nepal. It is people in the greatest need who desperately turn to Back to Life or whose fate comes to the attention of our team on site.

For the population in the remote areas there is no social net that takes effect in case of emergency, no health, nursing or accident insurance. People are defencelessly exposed to diseases, accidents, fire and natural disasters.

But even the hardest fates can be changed – through support and help. We accompany these children, women and men for years and care for and support them closely until they have a life worth living again. Over the years they become our family members because we experience and share so much together, every success and joy, but also the suffering and pain. Together we go through emergency medical care, we accompany surgeries and long-term therapies and at the same time we take care of the school education, if necessary we find a loving foster family. For our protégés we do everything to turn their fate around in the best possible way. Often we succeed with great success.

Back to Life e.V.