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The most modern school building in Mugu brings everyone further
Knowledge makes you strong
On May 28, 2022, Back to Life (BTL) will unveil the “Knowledge Makes You Strong and Remains Yours for Life” plaque on Mugu District’s most modern school building. With great celebrations, singing and cultural rituals, we open Mahadev Masta Higher Secondary School as the first school in earthquake-resistant construction. It provides education up to the general qualification for university entrance in the remote mountain region of Khatyad, in the village of Ratapani. A great celebration for the residents, a great opportunity for the children.
Mahadev Masta Highery
Secondary School
  • Project start::
    September 2020
  • Education Level::
    until grade 12 (Abitur)
  • Inaugurated:
    May 2022
  • Number of pupils:
    548 (previously 442)
  • Number of teachers:
Eight rooms for endless possibilities
  • Unser Schulneubau setzt ganz neue Standards
  • Alles passend? Check!
  • Freie Fahrt trotz Covid
  • Erdbebensicher? Aber sicher!
  • Our new school building sets completely new standards

    Large classrooms, a safe infrastructure, bright rooms, good equipment and child-friendly toilets go far beyond the other “roof over the head” of local schools. “Our students spend about six hours a day at school. The appealing and safe environment promotes the children’s willingness to learn, their attitude as well as their talents,” said teacher Jayapura Karki at the opening. Building Committee Chairman Anta Bahadur Karki adds, “Back to Life provided planning support and funding for this comprehensive project. As a result, the government selected this school as a model school in the region and financially enabled additional buildings for a laboratory, classrooms and administration. If BTL had not started the project, we would not have received any more projects from the government.”
  • Everything suitable? Check!

    Even during the planning phase, which began in 2020, BTL took into account many aspects that normally do not play a role in Nepal. The construction manager created checklists in advance on technologies, materials, timeframes, child-friendliness and safety. Using these lists, he closely monitored the construction. After completion, construction manager Rabin Achary was just as satisfied as representatives of the village community, the government and the on-site project partner.
  • Free ride despite Covid

    Ratapani is remote and often only accessible via humpy mountain roads. BTL therefore had to time the project planning for good weather. When the lockdowns fell during the implementation period, everyone held their breath. But the government was very accommodating towards the ambitious project and allowed transports even in times of strictest restrictions. In addition, the construction committee sent qualified workers from Surkhet.
  • Earthquake proof? For sure!

    The catastrophic earthquake in 2015 has left its mark on Nepal to this day. At that time, thousands of people died and countless buildings were destroyed – including half of all schools (over 16,000). Back to Life has already rebuilt some. Mahadev Masta Higher Secondary School is a new building that is ready to face the elements. The steel structure is also safe in earthquakes and serves as a model for other buildings in the healthcare sector.

One school for all.
And for the future

Students in the region will be able to attend the new school from kindergarten through high school. Afterwards, they have a qualified degree and enrich regional businesses as a local workforce. As the largest and fully equipped building, the school building also provides the village community with meeting rooms and many other facilities. Joy and pride are written all over the faces of those present.

Stella Deetjen emphasized at the opening: “The children are prepared in the school for a successful, self-determined life. At the same time, the village community is responsible for making the school bigger and more sustainable, because it was handed over to the village community as a self-help project by the school management committee. It also makes us proud to accompany the Mugu region one step further into independence and the children, in this remote and poor area, into a self-determined future. Thank you to all who support us in this.”
Back to Life e.V.