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Let’s help together!

Would you like to take over a sponsorship in Nepal?

Would you like to support a specific project, women or children in the long term? Back to Life offers you various sponsorships. You can become our sponsor for as little as 10 € per month. Choose for yourself with which contribution you would like to participate. Your sponsorship gives life-changing opportunities to the people in Nepal. Every sponsor more makes a difference and we are very happy if you empower us to further good work. Your help will reach exactly where it is needed. 

Sponsorship for schools and education has a long-term effect


By sponsoring a school, you support the school attendance of girls and boys from poor families in our project regions. With your sponsorship, you support the urgently needed expansion of the school infrastructure and quality and thus ensure safe, child-friendly education.

A sponsorship for a birth center in Nepal enables safe births

Birth Center Sponsorship

Your birth center sponsorship ensures the long-term maintenance of the Nepalese birth centers and actively contributes to the reduction of child and maternal mortality. Your sponsorship enables professional birth assistance as well as pre- and postnatal care for mother and child.

With a sponsorship for all projects you also finance drinking water


Through a general project sponsorship you support various “help for self-help” projects of Back to Life. This includes programs for environmental and resource protection, e.g. solar systems and energy-efficient, smoke-free stoves, drinking water projects, income generation.

Do you prefer to make an individual donation?

Individual donations that make a difference

With an individual donation you can effectively support our project work in Nepal. Choose for yourself which of our “help for self-help” projects is particularly close to your heart. We will be happy if you would like to support it. 

Birth Centers – your donation supports a safe start in life, even in the high mountains. 
Education & Schools – Your donation ensures good schools and supports students from poor families in attending school – from kindergarten to high school. 
Projects – we use your donation flexibly where it is currently most needed, e.g. for the protection of the environment, for the health camps or to create access to drinking water. 

Every donation makes a difference and through it we can realize many good and sustainable projects with the people in the remote areas in Nepal. We are very happy if you participate in this. You are welcome to contact us at any time for a targeted donation.

Donation Ideas

We would be happy to present you with current ideas on how you can support the people in Nepal in a meaningful way. Thereby you can witness how your donation reaches the families or the children and what effect it has. Of course, you will receive pictures that will immediately double your shared joy! 

Fundraiser for Nepal

Are you celebrating your birthday or an anniversary? Would you like your guests to donate to a social project? Or would you like to organize a fundraiser for Back to Life among your friends, on Facebook or at school? Talk to us! We will be happy to support you with information material or posters. 

Donation as a Gift

Would you like to make your loved ones really happy and are you looking for a special present? One that comes from the heart. Instead of a material gift, would you rather support families or children in Nepal? Donate in the name of your beloved ones to Back to Life & present our
Never End Peace And Love- Donation certificate. This way you give a double joy, here and in Nepal, which lasts for a long time.

Corporate donation

Would you like to donate as a company or take over a sponsorship?

Your support is an important building block for the success of our work. The corporate donation can be made once, regularly or on specific occasions. A company run in favor of one of our projects, a collection at the Christmas party: your commitment can be quite individual. We will be happy to provide you with project information for your target group. Of course, you will also receive a report with photos after the implementation.

Foundations & Large Donations

Back to Life is experienced in working with foundations and major donors. We would be happy to get in touch personally and find out in dialogue which goals we can pursue together in Nepal.

Anyone who wishes can help shape it from the start and visit the funded project on site at any time. In any case, you will be informed regularly and in detail about the course of the project during the implementation phase. Of course, this also includes financial reports, which we would be happy to create for you. All expenses made in Nepal are verified on a quarterly basis by reputable local auditors.
We received public funding from the state of Hesse for the first time in 2019.

Inheritance & Legacy

Your last personal wish: help for self-help in Nepal
You would like to support the work of Back to Life beyond your own lifetime? Then you have the opportunity to consider our non-profit organization and invest in poverty reduction in Nepal in the long term. Whether as an inheritance or a legacy of money, securities or real estate, as a gift during one’s lifetime or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy – there are many ways to support our aid projects in Nepal. To support one of the poorest countries in the world in the long term with your personal last will. We always treat your concerns confidentially and personally.

Sustainable protection of the work of Back to Life

Non-Profit Foundation Back to Life

Back to Life e.V. has been implementing development projects for 25 years, first in India and since 2009 in Nepal. True to our motto “Helping people to help themselves”, we implement projects there in the areas of education, health, water, income generation, emergency aid, and climate and resource protection. In doing so, we pursue a long-term, sustainable strategy and always strive to ensure that projects are self-sustaining after the “start-up aid” we have provided and continue to generate benefits long after the project has ended.

Back to Life e.V.