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Why do we invest in school construction & education?

Education cannot be a privilege. Whether boy or girl, everyone has a right to education – from kindergarten to high school. With our education initiatives, we are doing everything we can to ensure that education and schools improve step by step, especially in disadvantaged, rural areas.

Urgent current challenges are to enable more children, especially girls, to complete secondary school and obtain a high school diploma, to increase the quality of school education at all levels, to make schools safe and child-friendly, to expand capacities for early childhood education and to protect children from child marriage and child labour.

This is how Back to Life promotes education

Pave the Way to Graduation

By constructing school buildings where they are urgently needed, we are strengthening the thin school infrastructure in the high mountains and in the countryside. This is done in consultation with the education authority, which guarantees the additional teachers for the schools we have built and expanded. Since 2009, Back to Life has built 36 school buildings with a total of 116 earthquake-proof classrooms in Nepal. We have already achieved several times by building a new school block that the school could be expanded by one grade. The students can now complete more school years than before and even achieve the Abitur in the remote areas of the high mountains.

Equipped Students

The students are happy about the new, bright and spacious classrooms, which we are equipping with whiteboards, school desks and benches. In schools with a power supply, we install smart TVs in order to make the lessons more modern and varied and to enable a view from the classroom into the wide world. In addition, Back to Life is setting up science school laboratories, school libraries and reading clubs. Around 7500 books are available to the students. Sports and games are not neglected either, some schoolyards now have playgrounds, much to the delight of the children. They didn’t know anything like that. Here you can just be a child.

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Trained Teachers

In order to increase the quality of teaching, we support the teachers with up-to-date teaching materials and enable them to take further training courses. We also regularly repeat the earthquake safety training courses. The implementation of this training in everyday school life is regularly evaluated by our on-site team. The teachers in the remote areas are very motivated to continue their pedagogical training and to get the means to organize an interesting lesson. The Nepalese education authority asks us again and again to carry out our activities and trainings for the student body and teachers at other state schools.

As Important as the ABC

The overall health of children is important back to life. We organize regular examinations at schools by doctors to ensure that the students are and will remain healthy. Should a child need additional treatment, they will be taken to the nearest health center or hospital in consultation with the teachers and parents. If the parents cannot afford medical treatment, Back to Life will pay for it.

In every school we build, we provide gender-segregated and girl-friendly toilets and running water. The condition of the school buildings is being regularly checked by our on-site team.

Preschool is good for children and adults

Back to Life has set up or supported 76 kindergartens for toddlers. 1188 little boys and girls are currently visiting. The committed educators strengthen early childhood development and introduce the little ones to learning in a playful way. The older siblings, who often had to look after them, finally got the opportunity to attend classes regularly.

Opening Up New Horizons

In order to educate the children beyond their regular school education, we have founded children’s and youth clubs. To this end, we offer various activities in which the children can design and participate themselves: training and awareness-raising campaigns on children’s rights, health and hygiene, environmental, climate and resource protection as well as creative workshops. In joint activities, they paint and design posters, green their schoolyard, plant trees, collect rubbish and introduce rubbish separation in their villages. Through the youth clubs, the children learn to stand up for themselves: especially for their right to education and a life without child marriage.

How do we succeed in ensuring that children from poor families can go to school permanently?

With the help of school sponsorships, Back to Life supports almost 4,000 children directly in the three project areas Mugu, Nuwakot and Chitwan – from pre-school to high school. In Nepal there are no school fees up to the 10th grade, but attending school is associated with high costs for economically disadvantaged families. Since Back to Life provides the children with school uniforms and shoes, school bags, learning materials such as books, exercise books and pens every year, we can secure their school attendance.

In addition, we offer the families in the project villages income support, for example through the construction and operation of greenhouses. If this support helps people to help themselves and provides the parents with an additional income, the children are free to attend school – even after primary school.

At some schools, Back to Life offers a balanced and freshly cooked lunch every day, with which every child can fill their stomach. This is also an important incentive for parents to send their children to school. At the same time, the school sponsorships promote and maintain the good equipment of the school, another motivation for some parents, because they can finally believe in a better future for their children. In addition, parents do not miss the fact that their school children are healthier.

What have we achieved so far?

School Buildings with 147 Earthquake-Proof Classrooms
School Libraries
Students Benefit
From Educational Initiatives
Teachers Trained
Student Dormitory for deaf and dumb Children
School Uniforms & Winter Clothing per year
Kindergardens for 1188 Small Children

Our successes

  • Early childhood support through kindergartens
  • More schooling, especially girls
  • Improve the quality of teaching
  • Several schools have been expanded to include additional grades
  • Many children complete more school years on average than before
  • School education is seen more and more as an alternative to child marriage
  • Strengthening children’s rights
  • Health care established in schools

Back to Life has been successfully promoting school education for over 10 years. Now, for the first time, we are accompanying two of our sponsored children on their way to university after graduation. You are a living role model for many girls. With your help, we can ensure that many more will follow.
Stella Deetjen

Would you like to help and become a school sponsor?

Through the school sponsorship we can offer more and more children, especially girls, a child-friendly, safe and promising environment for learning.

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