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School clothes make the man

Steep and dusty trails, protruding branches on the long, winding paths through the mountains, muddy holes in the ground, snowfall, downpours and high mountain sun – there are many challenges for the school uniform of the children in our project areas. Often the uniform is their only intact set of clothing and is also worn after school. On all important occasions anyway.

The families are too poor to buy summer and winter uniforms and shoes for their children. In the past, the requirement to wear a school uniform prevented countless school visits. Back to Life changed that.

The students of our school support programs at the project schools receive a new uniform, winter jacket, sweater, hat, rain cover and a pair of shoes from us every year. If possible, we have the shirts, skirts and trousers sewn in the villages to strengthen them economically. It also makes distribution easier and saves us the transport route out of the city.

Knowledge can be seen

We now hand out around 3500 school uniforms per season in our three project areas.

It’s a feast day for the whole family. Something is finally going on in the village! The parents or grandparents accompany their little ones. With expressions of joy, you help them immediately into their new clothes on the spot. Clothes make the man. Little people too. As soon as they slip into their shirt sleeves, they become students. You are proud of it. You are allowed to go to school, that is not a matter of course in the poor areas of Nepal “

-Stella Deetjen
Back to Life e.V.