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Understanding the world in a playful way – our preschools

In addition to the diverse projects for school children, Back to Life also promotes the early development of children of preschool age

We have set up preschools at 33 schools and are funding a teacher for early childhood development who paints with the children, plays games, reads to them, sings and dances with them, but has also started teaching lighter material such as letters and numbers. We have equipped the rooms with blackboards, posters, writing pads and play materials for early childhood education. Learning is fun this way.

We pay particular attention to practicing the important hygiene rules for preventive health care. We wash our hands regularly and brush our teeth together. Every child has their own toothbrush. Of course, the little ones also take part in the health camps that we organize at the schools and are regularly examined by a doctor.

At lunchtime, we provide the children with a balanced meal to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients they need. Lunch is freshly prepared every day and shared together. Every child can eat their fill.

636 NBC protégés
A total of 162 children in our schools in Chitwan, 184 children in Nuwakot and 290 in Mugu currently benefit from early childhood education. The primary school teachers tell us in unison that children who attended early childhood education before their first regular school year participate more actively in class and also show better social behavior. The older siblings, who often had to look after the little ones and therefore missed school, are grateful. This program is also very helpful for the mothers, as they no longer have to take the children with them to the fields or to their daily wage work. Poverty leaves no time for early childhood support. We look forward to empowering the little ones at the beginning of their journey.

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