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Proper hand washing needs to be practiced – Global Handwashing Day

“Global Handwashing Day” has been celebrated in schools around the world since 2008 to make children aware of the immense importance of daily hygiene. Because only when you wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds are bacteria effectively combated. This significantly reduces the risk of fatal diarrheal diseases, and early childhood development is less disturbed.

Stella attended the school in Thakaltar in Chitwan and, together with our team, showed the children how to wash their hands properly. The students had a lot of fun and were happy to demonstrate what they had learned. Hundreds of children’s voices loudly counted up to the number 20 each. The students have already dealt with the topic in advance and organized a painting competition among themselves. The first three winners have been announced. They were happy to receive a towel and soap.

At the end, all students received a soap. In this way we can bring a bit of cleanliness into every family. The often uneducated parents do not know any better and do not recognize the connection between poor hygiene and illness. The children in our project schools thus become ambassadors and multipliers of what they have learned and bring a new sense of hygiene into their families.


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