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High school graduates

Our first high school graduates – we are very proud of you!

Stand on their own two feet and finance themselves, that is the goal of Rita and Sarita from Chitwan – and they are well on their way there. You are our first high school graduate!

We have supported them since they started school through school sponsorships, their parents could not have afforded their daughters to go to school.

Rita and Sarita passed their secondary school leaving certificate at the Thalkatar School in 2018, so far they had finished after the 10th grade. The schools that offer the Abitur are so far away from Thakaltar that the young people have to stay in hostels there. The parents could not pay for that, which is why Back to Life paid for the costs of the school and the accommodation.

The two would like to take the next step at university and learn the profession of teacher. Rita and Sarita are pioneers! They show the younger girls of the Chepang and Tamang minorities that they can achieve anything.

Back to Life e.V.