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Because it can happen again and again – earthquake safety training for teachers

30,000 classrooms collapsed during the devastating 2015 earthquake.

The devastating earthquakes of 2015 claimed almost 9,000 deaths in Nepal. But it could have been hundreds of thousands more: The first quake was on a Saturday – the only day off of the week from school. On any other day, the schoolchildren in the 30,000 collapsed classrooms would have been killed by the masonry and the number of victims would have skyrocketed.

The earthquake safety training courses aim to ensure that teachers and children are prepared in the event of another disaster. That is why it is important for Back to Life to regularly repeat the safety training courses for the teachers in the schools we support.

The same topics are discussed and practiced together over and over again:

How can you prepare? How can you get yourself and the students to safety during an earthquake? What are the first steps after an emergency?

The teachers are trained with practical exercises.

The state school board praises our initiative, which is an important duty in an earthquake-prone country like Nepal.

The teachers are impressed and very happy with the training. They will pass on the knowledge they have acquired to their students. One teacher said: “When the quake raged, I panicked. I ran out of the house and injured myself in a fall. Today I know that the first rule is: stay calm, sit on the ground and try to protect yourself! “

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