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Sher Singh, on two legs into the future

The door of the small shop in Loharbada village opens. A child asks about sugar, Sher Singh stands up and goes to the shelf. This would not have been possible just a few years ago. Because Sher Singh only has one healthy leg. As a school child, the boy fell in the mountains, broke his leg and knee and, without proper medical help, lost the leg above the knee after a while.

The prosthesis for the prosthesis

When Stella Deetjen met Sher Singh in Loharbada in 2012, he was already wearing an extremely damaged prosthesis. He could only slide on both hands and one leg with it, the sight was heartbreaking. Accordingly, she reacted immediately and Back to Life immediately organized a new, suitable prosthesis.

The savings group as the basis for your own business

At that time Back to Life was initiating a savings group in Loharbada. A cooperative project among the neighbors that has made a big difference there. Sher Singh joined the group and learned how to start his own small business with a loan. Today the self-confident man runs his small shop for daily needs. Meanwhile 48 years old, he lives independently with his wife, daughter and son, the eldest daughter is already married. When he remembers, a smile lights up his face: “Your help, the new leg and the motivation to open a business gave me hope for my life. I’m thankfull. Every day.”

These are exactly the successes that spur us on from Back to Life. Because here a person has not despaired, but has the courage to take his life into his own hands, here the “help for self-help” has achieved what we always hope for.

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