In conversation with Harikrishna Upadhyaya, teacher in Mugu

Harikrishna Upadhyaya, Asst. Head Teacher, Lokpriya Secondary School, Gamtha Khatyad, Mugu People who are personally involved have a keen eye. Therefore, at the end of 2019, we interviewed Mr. Harikrishna Upadhyaya, who works as a teacher in Khatyad in the Mugu region and lives in the village himself. If you look back 10 years, what was the educational situation like in Khatyad? We are talking about a completely different state of affairs. Education was not a priority for the communities. The infrastructure was inadequate, there were few or no learning materials – so learning cannot...

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Susanne Fröhlich on site

“I have more things in my trunk than these people own” – Susanne Fröhlich visits our projects Probably the most prominent visitor who has ever looked behind the scenes of Back to Life is Susanne Fröhlich, the well-known TV presenter and author. “I always think that reality is completely different from a glossy brochure from an aid organization. Sure, you can see big, dark children’s eyes looking at you, but I just wanted to see it for real. “ In 2018 she flew to Kathmandu at an invitation from Stella Deetjen. Here she finds a completely different world. She meets...

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Extended family time

“We sit huddled together in a jeep that winds its way up the hills of Chitwan on dirt roads. The serpentines are so narrow that the driver has to start several times. Suddenly the jeep got stuck, it doesn’t go backwards or forwards. So we get out and walk the last bit drenched in sweat up the hill to the school. There we are received with great joy and warmth – in the middle of the jungle. This exuberant, but natural joy and gratitude, which the children and also the parents and teacher Stella show, touches me more deeply than I would have thought possible. Somehow I am – even...

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