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School clothes make the man

Steep and dusty trails, protruding branches on the long, winding paths through the mountains, muddy holes in the ground, snowfall, downpours and high mountain sun – there are many challenges for the school uniform of the children in our project areas. Often the uniform is their only intact set of clothing and is also worn after school. On all important occasions anyway. The families are too poor to buy summer and winter uniforms and shoes for their children. In the past, the requirement to wear a school uniform prevented countless school visits. Back to Life changed that. The students...

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High school graduates

Our first high school graduates – we are very proud of you! Stand on their own two feet and finance themselves, that is the goal of Rita and Sarita from Chitwan – and they are well on their way there. You are our first high school graduate! We have supported them since they started school through school sponsorships, their parents could not have afforded their daughters to go to school. Rita and Sarita passed their secondary school leaving certificate at the Thalkatar School in 2018, so far they had finished after the 10th grade. The schools that offer the Abitur are so far...

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Books & colored pencils on tour

Our teammates Jhalak (left) and Rimal (right) look after the sponsored children during this difficult time. Schools in Nepal were closed for almost 7 months due to Corona. Online lessons were only offered by expensive private schools. The majority of Nepalese students came away empty-handed. We carried hundreds of books through the mountains for our students. Motivation is important The longer children have to stay away from school and are not motivated to continue learning and reading, the higher the risk of “drop-outs”, i.e. those who drop out of school without graduating....

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A day in the life of the Alimaya

Alimaya is 11 years old and lives with her parents and two siblings (eight and 14 years old) in a remote village in the hills north of the well-known Chitwan National Park. Three other siblings are already away from home and are married. Her family belongs to the indigenous Chepang people. The little one is one of our Back to Life sponsored children and has been supported for some time by a committed couple from Germany with whom she regularly exchanges letters. The standard of living in their village is very low, there is no electricity and no running water. The families live in simple, self-made...

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Growing up without parents – we help Bibek

Little six year old Bibek caught my eye immediately when I recently (2018) visited our programs and schools in Nuwakot. Not because he romped around loudly while doing sports and games, but because of his shyness and because he hung on the tip of my skirt almost all day, following me everywhere. I noticed a deep sadness in his gaze, which was often empty. When I asked his teacher, I found out the reason for this: his parents are still alive, but Bibek is still considered a “social orphan” because he has to grow up without a mother and father and cannot yet understand the reason...

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From unhappiness to happiness

“He already recognizes it from a distance: our Back to Life logo! Whenever I run up the hill to the village in my Back to Life T-shirt, jacket or cap, he is already running towards me with a big smile on his face. This laugh full of happiness touches my heart every time “, says Govinda, one of our employees in Mugu. He works as a social worker for Gamtha, where we run a birthing center. Instead of a sibling – tragic loss of the mother Bhupendra is now five years old and healthy and happy. He was still a toddler when he lost his mother. So he can’t really remember her and...

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Bill Ramsey is our honorary sponsor

It started with jazz says Bill Ramsey about his life. Born in 1931 in Cinncinati, Ohio, the musical stronghold of rhythm and blues at the time, he was born with jazz and blues and became deeply rooted in him as he grew up. When he came to Germany at the age of 21, it was his love for music that would determine his professional career. In Frankfurt am Main he worked for AFN Radio, where he quickly rose to become a producer. A year later he recorded a concert by Ella Fitzgerald. When they sat together in the evening, happy and relaxed, he was asked to sing a song and sang a blues for Ella....

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Shadow and light

From Stella Deetjen When I visited the Sansari Devi School in Nuwakot for several days in 2018, which we rebuilt after the earthquake, I noticed a little six-year-old girl who had a perky face, but seemed surrounded by a great deal of weight. Or was she just shy? While the other schoolchildren romped happily across the schoolyard and enthusiastically tried out the hula hoops I had brought for them, she stood in silence on the edge of the action. In the end I managed to get her involved in the games and slowly gain her confidence. Together with her classmates she ran after the soap bubbles...

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