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Books & colored pencils on tour

Our teammates Jhalak (left) and Rimal (right) look after the sponsored children during this difficult time.

Schools in Nepal were closed for almost 7 months due to Corona. Online lessons were only offered by expensive private schools. The majority of Nepalese students came away empty-handed. We carried hundreds of books through the mountains for our students.

Motivation is important

The longer children have to stay away from school and are not motivated to continue learning and reading, the higher the risk of “drop-outs”, i.e. those who drop out of school without graduating. Back to Life wants to counteract this with all its might.

Education against the crisis

We are giving our over 200 sponsored children and the school children of our sponsored schools, 7 in Chitwan, 6 in Nuwakot and 29 in Mugu, the chance to learn from home during the Corona crisis. To do this, our teammates in Nepal always go on long walks. Somehow the school books have to get to the children, no matter how remote they live.

Crayons with special permission

Equipped with a special permit from the local authorities and packed with children’s and school books, writing and painting utensils, our team visits the school children at home. There they give the families valuable tips on home schooling. They show the older siblings how to practice with the little ones and how to set learning goals.

Pull together

In addition, our team arranges with parents to give their children the space to learn and read. In these discussions with parents, the prohibition and the consequences of child marriage are again clearly addressed, because unfortunately, precisely at times of crisis, their number skyrockets. Of course, the team takes the opportunity to remind the families of the distance rules and the necessary hygiene to protect against corona and answers parents and children’s questions about the pandemic.

Success makes you happy

The regular home visits make a big impact. When the Back to Life employees come to the villages, the children proudly show off their homework. The students often ask when their school will finally open again. They miss the lessons and their school friends. The great joy of the children is worth the long walk of the team in the remote areas. Because, as Voltaire already recognized: “Reading strengthens the soul”.

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