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Mugu – Standstill in the snow

In Mugu, our project area in the high mountains of Nepal, everything changes from one moment to the next when it snows.

The footpaths between the mountain villages ice up, become slippery and extremely dangerous, especially for those who carry heavy loads. In the event of prolonged snowfall, the local markets quickly run out of supplies. Many lose their earnings.

Life is going to be hard for the mountain farmers because they can no longer let their cattle graze and have to carefully organize the hay supplies in order to make ends meet. If the onset of winter is long, the animals and often people too go hungry.

Since the natural water sources in the mountains freeze, the mountain dwellers use a lot more firewood when it snows. That must first be beaten and brought home. Snow is melted to provide water for the household, but also to water the cattle.

Many things in everyday life come to a standstill and the villagers and families come together around the fire. Despite the bitter cold and tough everyday life, people laugh together, village gossip and stories are exchanged. It’s better to defy the cold together.

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