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Biogas – active environmental protection that improves life

Improving life with environmental protection. If cooking areas are operated with biogas systems, the surrounding forest is also protected. In addition to many other things, the health of the residents also benefits.

Open fires in the houses were part of everyday life in our project areas. Not only do people in the smoky rooms cause lasting damage to their health, terrible accidents also happen and the fire can develop into a dangerous fire.

Cooking areas that run on biogas are a perfect alternative for villages with sufficient livestock farming. The technology is basically quite simple: the excrement of the cattle kept and that of the family members – many are given their own toilet for the first time and improve their own hygiene – are fed into an underground airtight pit together with water. In this environment methane gases are produced, which reach the hob through a main valve via a narrow pipe and can be used for cooking if necessary.

Environmental protection as species protection.

The stoves operated with biogas are largely financed by Back to Life, but the government and local forest administrations also often take on a financial share, since it is also in their interest to protect the forest in the “Chitwan National Park”. He is not only a unique habitat for elephants, tigers, rhinos and many other animals, but also a tourist magnet and thus an economic factor and employer for hundreds of people “ , said a member of the local forest administration.

More money and more time.

Up until now, women, and especially children, had to collect wood every day or even buy it at great cost on the market, as everything has been cut down in some areas in the areas. Now the urgently needed money can be spent on other things, in addition to the fact that the leftover manure can be used as fertilizer, thus increasing the yield in the fields.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the food. You turn on the tap and light the gas, that’s all. I have so much time to look after the fields and the children and I can send my girls to school every day. You have time to do homework and you don’t have to help me collect wood. I can join Back to Life thank you very much. You have made the life of women and girls in our village a lot easier. “

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