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Learning by playing

School uniforms, warm clothes and school supplies mean a lot to needy children, but not everything. This is one reason why we at Back to Life also expand and build schools, construct sanitary facilities, equip classrooms, set up libraries and train teachers. Because one thing is certain: education is important! But emotional education also plays a big role. Our commitment to this: playgrounds.


Rupkala, a first grader, is ready for school in the morning before breakfast is prepared. But only since the playground was built at the school. “I love bobbing, sliding and swinging, so that’s why I want to be first in school.” Jiwan, a fifth grader, explains further, “Nanda is my best friend. We became friends because we both love bobbing. When I need someone, he is always there for me.” These are just two of the many aspects we can achieve with playgrounds. The children are motivated and they make friends while playing. In addition, they learn social behavior. When the playground equipment is occupied, they organise themselves how long they stay and who is next. In addition, the development of physical, motor and cognitive skills. In addition to being invigorated by exercise, children reduce stress, become more attentive and learn better. They also overcome fears, dare to try things and boost their self-confidence when they succeed.

Safe is safe

A playground should always be a safe place to play. That’s why safety always comes first in our efforts to do so. We fence in places where the environment can be dangerous, we have playground equipment such as swings, seesaws, slides and climbing objects made not only from local materials as far as possible, but also in such a way that the children cannot get splinters or otherwise injure themselves.

From grey to colourful

The director of the Bhagawati School in Mugu is happy with the children that not only the school is newly built and offers enough space as well as sanitary facilities for all. He is also excited that the schoolyard now has a playground. New, colourful and with everything the kids will enjoy. “The children in the mountains do not have their own toys, unlike the children in the West or in the big cities like Kathmandu. Especially for a school as underprivileged as ours, it is special that we can offer the children with the playground a place that trains motor and social skills in equal measure.

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