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The chances grow with the plants

With vegetable gardens, Back to Life helps the families in our project villages simply and effectively to improve their income and at the same time improve their nutritional situation. As soon as the parents have noticeably more income available, they also allow their children to attend school, which is important. Our income generation measures therefore ultimately serve the well-being of the children.

How it works | Back to Life provides the families with the material for the greenhouses. The cover is made of plastic sheeting. The families take care of the wooden beams for the scaffolding themselves. We also provide you with the most important garden tools and a watering can as well as vegetable seeds. In 2018 we hired an agricultural trainer to guide our on-site team on how they can support the families in setting up the greenhouses and plants. He also gave useful instructions on the use of organic fertilizers and crop protection.

Thanks to the greenhouses, solar radiation and irrigation can be easily controlled and optimally adapted to the needs of the plants. For example, under the local conditions, a tomato plant can produce up to 7 kg of fruit. The price per kilogram of tomatoes is currently around 25 cents.

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