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Proximity creates security – our baby massage courses

The Baby massage Many positive properties are attributed to it: In the cool season it should warm, the blood circulation is stimulated, the muscle formation is also promoted. At the same time, it helps build closeness and strengthens the connection between mother and child. Many mothers observe that the babies sleep better afterwards.

The mothers of Nepal use mustard oil from their own production for the baby massage. Proven against diseases such as arthritis or fungal infections, it stimulates blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. Mustard cultivation is widespread in the Mugu Mountains and the mustard seeds are easily accessible to everyone.

Our midwives show the young mothers how they can bring the centuries-old tradition of baby massage into harmony with modern hygiene standards. Rangi Rokaya, one of our midwives from the Seri birth center, pays strict attention to them Cleanliness. It’s not always easy in the dusty mountainous region. “We remind the mothers to wash the babies regularly and thoroughly, even before using an oil massage. This is an important basis for protecting the child’s health over the long term … “

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