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With persistence to success

The difficult procurement of protective clothing for our 26 midwives in Mugu

When the corona infections increased in Nepal and the lockdown was repeatedly extended, it was immediately clear to the Back to Life team that we had to react and bring more supplies to the mountains. Sufficient protective clothing for the 13 Mugu’s birth houses was at the top of the list and a true odyssey began.

WHERE TO TAKE IT FROM AND HOW TO TRANSPORT? | Protective suits, gloves, masks, shoe covers, disinfectants – when 15 corona infections were confirmed in Nepalgunj on May 3, we were alarmed, because Nepalgunj is the gateway to the Mugu region for everyone who comes from India. We immediately contacted all companies that we hoped would get protective clothing from. Without success. Neither in Kathmandu nor anywhere else did we find anything. There were no flights, there was no transport, the country stood still. Then we heard the rumor that a provider was expecting a cargo flight from China. But who? And where? No matter how, we found out and immediately booked appropriate sets of protective clothing for our midwives and employees in the birthing centers.

THE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING IS HERE AND NOW? | At the beginning of June, the sets came from China by air freight. Stones fell from our hearts and still it was not clear how we should get the things to Mugu. Finally there was lockdown. Although the government approved the transport of the essential equipment after a strenuous procedure, a transporter could not be found. Everyone was closed. In the end, however, we found a transport company who brought our things to Mugu because he appreciates our commitment to the remote mountain region. Days after days passed before the transport finally arrived. Because of the monsoons, the driver and his companion had to repeatedly shovel the mud off the road, clear away the rubble and repair the truck, as no mechanic could be found and and and. When I finally arrived in Mugu, the problems continued.

NO WAY IS TOO FAR | The lockdown in Nepal ensured that the people – and thus also the porters – were not allowed to go from village to village and, despite government permission, did not want to go to us. The Back to Life team carried most of the goods to the birthing centers themselves for days; a few porters were sometimes found. At some point everything was there and we were very relieved.

The difficult procurement of protective clothing for our 26 midwives in Mugu

For our employees in Nepal, especially the
If you work in the healthcare sector, Back to Life has taken out corona health insurance for your protection. This comes into play if you are suspected of corona or fall ill. It covers all costs from transport from the mountains to medical care, even loss of wages. The state nurses, doctors and clinic staff in Nepal have been waiting in vain for this.

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